ILCA 4 (4.7) Race

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The PSA ILCA 4 Race dinghy is the club race model which is upgraded from the Classic series through the addition of a carbon top section and carbon tiller and extension. The Race series is the most popular model and comprises:

  • PSA ILCA fitted hull with fairleads, clamcleats and PSA hiking strap
  • Alloy lower mast section and boom
  • Carbon top section
  • ILCA 4 class approved 4.7 sqm dacron sail (with battens and numbers)
  • ILCA Centreboard
  • ILCA Rudder
  • G Composites snake skin carbon tiller and CST carbon extension
  • Turbo kit with Harken XD vang system
  • Ronstan mainsheet ratchet block with stand up boot
  • Ronstan 30mm Orbit blocks
  • ILCA control line and rope kit

The ILCA 4 Race dinghy is available with a class approved North Sails or Hyde Sails dacron main (please choose your preferred sail below).

All ILCA approved components come complete with the ILCA QR Code and hull includes the World Sailing ILCA plaque.

All boats can be picked up from our factory (no charge).
If you require delivery please call (03) 9580 2446 to discuss the available options.