At our Mordialloc factory located near Moorabbin Airport, we provide a full range of services to our customers which include repairs to all types of boats such as:
OTB Sailing Boats, Trailer Sailors, Power Boats & Keel Boats.



Our services include:

Fibreglass repairs
Timber repairs
Spray painting
Rigging services
Roll swaging services
OTB trolley manufacturing
Full lifting facilities within our factory


Mackay Trailers

Need a new trailer for a sail boat or power boat? We can help.

Agent and Supplier for:
Dunbier/ Mackay trailers.
Order your new trailer directly from us!

In addition to your trailer, we can fit a marine timber deck and/or manufacture double deck racks to carry two boats if required.

Aluminium Trolleys

Also available are custom-built aluminium trolleys made to order.


3 Responses to Services

  1. Marissa McManus says:

    Hi ,
    I have a 35 foot keel boat that has teak wooden floors , cupboards and doors. They are in a need of serious TLC. Do you provide the service of sanding and re varnishing interior , incl the above mention items?
    If not, do you know of anyone that can assist?
    Thanks Marissa

  2. jlsly says:

    Hi Marissa, where is the boat located?

  3. Marissa McManus says:

    At Sandringham Yacht Club- Boat is Hush

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