29er, 49er & FX Parts

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                  NEW BOATS, SAILS, SPARS or FITTINGS

                                     for the 9er classes

At Sly Boat Building & Repair Centre, we supply local and interstate customers with new boats, sails, spars and associated fittings & parts for the 9er classes. We carry a wide range of stock here at our Mordialloc factory, ready to ship to customers all around Australia.

Just use our “Contact us Page” to email us your needs or give us a ring on
(03) 9580 2446 to place your order.

In reference to the 29er, we’ve been selling 29er parts since the “inception of the class”back in  2000.

Over the years, Marty has sailed both 29er & 49er classes at a competitive level, so whether it’s a “selling or sailing” question, you’ll find we can assist.

FX Picture49er Picture with purple kite29er Picture Harry_Brandon

Masts, Spars, Sails or Parts all available at Sly Boat Building & Repair Centre,
ready to ship all around Australia.